Zelda inspired ‘Songbringer’ to release at the beginning of September

This stunning pixel adventure is now on the horizon

One-man development team Wizard Fu and UK based publishers Double Eleven have confirmed that the upcoming Zelda inspired RPG Songbringer will release on PC and Xbox One on the 1st September, the PS4 version will be available on 5th September.

We got our hands on Songbringer earlier this year at EGX Rezzed. As previously mentioned, the game is hugely inspired by classic Zelda games, especially A Link to the Past – but rest assured, Songbringer doesn’t feel like a Zelda rip-off.

You play as Roq, a space-faring planetary surveyor who love nothing more than partying with his robot sidekick Jib. Your adventure begins after waking up shirtless on a mysterious planet to the realisation that you’ve awoken an ancient evil army. Exploring the hostile environments of Ekzerra is your only hope of saving the universe, and with hidden items, secret passages, bomb-able walls (hence the Zelda reference) there’ll be a lot of exploring needed to restore peace to the universe.

Songbringer plays out in procedurally generated worlds; when starting a new quest your world will be created from a six-letter word seed, which will determine the layout of your overworld and dungeons. Yes, there are dungeons (again, hence the Zelda reference). You’ll need to enter these dungeons and slay the huge bosses lurking in them, and by doing so you’ll be richly rewarded with some pretty unique weapons.

If you’re one of those gamers lucky enough to have a friend then why not invite them over for some co-op fun, maybe your friend can help you climb the speed running leaderboards. If you fancy even more of a challenge then players have the option of turning on the dreaded permadeath – turning the game into a rouge-like!

Songbringer shows off a stunning pixel art style, which is bolster with a brilliant sci-fi inspired soundtrack. Pre-order for the game are available now on Steam. To see the game in action then why not check out the trailer below.

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