Yesterday Origins looks nostalgically beautiful

A beautiful Point & Click adventure awaits

As a kid there was nothing I loved more than heading to my friends house to help him solve some of the wonderfully challenging tasks in Day of the Tentacle. The 90’s was the decade the engrossing point & click genre, with brilliant titles such as; Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and so many more. I know point & click adventures never fully disappeared but I have struggled to find one that engrossed me as much as the titles mention above did.


So where am i heading with this? Well, by the looks of it I may have found one, enter Yesterday Origins. I first heard of Pendulo Studios upcoming adventure back last summer, but if was only after more details about game were released at Gamescom that I git really excited. Firstly the game has a beautiful art design to it, I looks like a 90’s point and click, just on steroids.


I hear you asking ‘so whats the game actually about?’. The game throws you into the lives of two everyday immortals, yes I said immortals, John Yesterday and Pauline Petit. Both John and Pauline where involved in an Alchemy accident which resulted in their immortality, unfortunately for John his inability to die came with some severe side effects.


Every time John dies he resurrects with no memory, which is not ideal. Yesterday Origins takes you on a quest to help John and Pauline find a secret artifact, an artifact which could stop John’s memory loss. As the adventure unfolds you will need to jump back and forth through John and Pauline’s history (oh, I forgot to mention they’re 500 years old so thats a lot of history to jump through), hoping that by visiting their past you can help determine their future.


With it’s beautiful nostalgic presentation and the Graphic Novel style to it’s design, Yesterday Origins looks to be a must play adventure. The game will be available from the 13th October and is heading to PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One and mobile devises.

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