X-Morph: Defence is a shooter-tower defence hybrid coming to consoles

All out shooter or tactical RTS?

Indie developers EXOR Studios have announced their new title, a shooter-tower defence hybrid that looks to provide players with some uniques strategic decisions. X-Morph: Defence bring the two genre’s together through seamless gameplay, allowing you to choose how to approach each mission – all out shooter aggression or a more planned tactical method.

You play as the alien race X-Morph, who have invaded Earth to harvest resources and terraform the surface. As you’d expect, the humans than populate earth aren’t willing to let their planet go easily. Taking control of an X-Morph ship you musty successful hold off the onslaught of the human race. The interactive environment in X-Morph: Defence can play a huge part in your success, being able to blow up bridges or bring down high-rise building you’ll have the ability to dictate what route your enemies take.

Each level in X-Morph: Defence is a mini-open map area, as is the case in many RTS games, which allows you to have complete freedom of how and where you set up your defences; will you try to bottleneck your opponent? Maybe you could force them to split up and pick them off in smaller number? The possibilities to succeed look almost endless, and with the fusion of the swift shooting mechanics X-Morph: Defence looks to create a new way to play the classic RTS genre.

Finally a shooter wouldn’t be complete without a bit of friendly co-op, and X-Morph doesn’t disappoint here. In fact, pairing up with a friend maybe the best approach to playing this new hybrid shooter, one defend and one attack? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

X-Morph: Defence is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year. To see the unique gameplay in action check out the reveal trailer below.