Windlands 2 / EGX Rezzed hands-on impressions

I've never felt more like Spider-man

I’ve personally had very little experience with playing VR so I was eager to get some time on the best looking VR games at EGX Rezzed, it was easy to see from watching others play, that Psytec Games’ Windlands 2 was definitely going to be one of them.

Windlands 2 is best described as the ultimate VR Spider-man experience, as you move through open-ended levels by swinging from grappling hooks you have in each hand which help deliver on some extremely fluid and fast movement. But it shouldn’t be ignored that the game holds a great original future/fantasy world that feels awesome to fling yourself around in.

The swinging movements were by far my favourite element of the game. as a game mechanic, it’s put together incredibly well and when I started to pull off chains of really good swings it was a lot of fun and very satisfying. I was by no means good at the game and I’m sure it was breaking the dev’s hearts watching someone perform so poorly but I wholeheartedly believe that my ineptitude came from my inexperience at VR at not from any fault at the game itself. If I’d had a little more time I really would have started to nail the slick traversal ttechniquetechnique.

Having the drive to want to do better is something I feel the game gets very right, I could have happily sat there all day to hone my sweet swinging skills but unfortunately only managed a short ten minutes. I am proud to say though that my team of four was the first team to beat the boss in the entire show and I’m even prouder to say I made it there just in time to see this happen.

Overall Windlands 2 is a great VR experience and a great gaming experience. Currently, the game will only be available on Oculus Rift but will hopefully be coming to Vive and PS VR sometime after release, which is set to be later this year. For more info and to stay updated on the game check out the official site and Twitter and to stay updated on all things Indie games follow us on Twitter and Facebook.