A Way Out is the first indie game announced at E3

A story driven co-op adventure

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks then you’ll know the biggest gaming event of the year is here, E3. This evening saw Electronic Arts (EA) take to the stage for the opening conference of E3 2017, well their show EA Plays which technically isn’t at E3, but you get the gist.

In’s fair to say that EA’s show was pretty awesome, showing us the new Need for Speed: Payback, a new IP in Anthem, a ton of new sports content and of course Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Hidden among all those giant titles was EA Originals next title, A Way OutA Way out is by indie developers Hazelight but published through EA’s Indie support programme EA Originals, which published the adorable platformer Unravel last year.

A Way Out is a story driven game that focusses around two prison inmates, Vincent and Leo… oh, and the game can only be played in split screen co-op. Before I go further I have to mention that the developers Hazelight are mostly made up by the team that brought us Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, one of the best co-op game in the past few years, so we’re in safe hands. The game starts in a prison, where you must work together with your partner (either online or local) to break out of prison, however, it appears this isn’t a story that’s just about a prison breakout.

Later in the trailer, we are shown gameplay outside the prison environment, both driving and exploration. This was later confirmed by Josef Fares, lead Director on A Way Out, who went on to say this was a game that featured driving, action, exploration and of course a compelling narrative. He also went on to say that A Way Out would offer a multiplayer experience we’ve never seen before in video games.

As previously mentioned A Way Out is a multiplayer game, that is the only way it can be played. The game does support online play, but will still be presented in a split screen format. The main reason for this is due to how the story unfolds. During the reveal Josef Fares went on to explain how the co-op integrates into the overall narrative, showing us a gameplay section where Vincent and Leo had to smuggle items in bedsheets, but the player could go about completing this task in a number of ways. Either Leo or Vincent could confront the guards, or set a distraction, really putting an emphasis on the teamwork and decision making elements of A Way Out.

EA and Hazelight haven’t provided us with a release date, but have said the game should be available early 2018. The thought of having a co-op only game, with a big emphasis on couch co-op release in 2018 really breaks the mold and honestly looks very interesting. To see the multiplayer focussed A Way Out in action then check out the trailer below.


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