Undertale is making it’s way to PS4

The hit indie game is making it's debut on consoles

Since initially releasing on PC back in 2015, Undertale has built up an incredible community and is now regarded as one of the standout indie games to release in the last 5 years; now PS4 and PS Vita players can experience this bonkers and brilliant RPG.

If you’re solely a console gamer then a chance you may not have heard of Undertale, so why is this game so special? Well, it’s not just one element that makes it stand out, instead, it’s a whole host of moving parts that work perfectly in synchronisation with one another.

Firstly, Undertale is an RPG where you don’t actually have to kill anyone or anything. Although there is a combat system player can choose either the combat route, which plays out in a top-down shooter style or the route of diplomacy. Every combat situation can be turned into a negotiation, where you can call a truce and actually become friends with the evil creature that just wanted to rip your head off. If the idea of friends just isn’t enough for you then why not go one step further and ask them out on a date, seriously, you can actually date a skeleton (other evil, death seeking enemies are available).

This unique and hilarious combat system works perfectly as you play through Undertale‘s rich and genuinely funny story. The retro-inspired visuals and original soundtrack bring even more character to Undertale; this is a game that will create some hilarious and memorable moments that you can’t wait to share with your friends.

Undertale was announced for release on the PS4 and PS Vita during Sony’s PlayStation E3 show. Although there was no confirmed release date for the iconic indie game, console players have been treated to a Collectors Edition physical release, which includes; the full Undertale soundtrack (over 100 songs), a gold-plated musical locket, a sheet music booklet and a physical copy of Undertale its self.


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