The trend of farming sims continues with Farmer’s Dynasty

Another farming sim coming to the market!

These last 2 years have seen a huge increase in the development of farming sims, from strict simulation games like Real Farm Sim to more open-world adventure like Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Now independent developers Toplitz Productions and announce another title coming to the market. Farmer’s Dynasty looks to offer a completely new farming sim experience, mixing simulation gameplay with RPG-like mechanics.

Farmer’s Dynasty features a full detailed story mode for players to play through, something that is rarely seen in current farming sims. The story sees you inheriting a farm from your late Grandad, and it’s fair to say the farm is in pretty bad shape. After years of working endless hours in the busy city, you decide to move out to the farm and help restore it, creating your new farming dynasty.

If you’re thinking this story sounds a little familiar then that’s because it’s exactly the same as how Stardew Valley starts. The difference here is that Farmer’s Dynasty’s story unfolds in a mission-based format, and by completing missions you receive money which can be used to upgrade almost any element of your farm and in-turn bringing you more challenging missions to complete.

When announcing their new title, Stefan Berger, Managing Director of Toplitz Production said: “We are happy to deliver a unique gameplay mix to all Life Simulation and Farming Simulation fans and we are convinced that this strong and high quality game will earn international fans and success”. He also went on to mention that Farmer’s Dynasty will be releasing on PC as an Early Access game very soon, with a full release towards the end of 2017 on both PC and consoles.

Farmer’s Dynasty has only just been announced, we are yet to be shown any screenshots or gameplay, as soon as Toplitz release either screen shots or a reveal trailer we will attach them to this article.


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