Time Recoil is a Matrix inspired shooter

A top-down shooter with a twist of The Matrix

Independent developer 10tons today announced a new game they’ve been working on, Time Recoil. Time recoil is a top-down shooter where players are rewarded for killing enemies with a matrix styled slowdown power up. The ultimate aim of the game is to continuously string together kills, allowing you to blitz through the levels in a glorious time-adjusted state.

Developer 10tons, who also developed shooters Neon Chrome and Xenoraid, wanted to turn their attention to a more intricate style of shooter with one key gameplay mechanics, and this is how Time Recoil was born. In a press release from the developers vice CEO and designer of Time Recoil, Sampo Töyssy mentions “The game is very easy and straightforward to get into, and simply a joy to play. The speedrun oriented time attack mode is a perfect addition for longevity.”

Time Recoil does feature a story to help take you through its top-down gameplay, which revolves around a mad scientist named Mr. Time – and as you’ve probably guessed Mr. Time isn’t a nice person so you’ve set out to put an end to his dictatorship.

You don’t have to look too closely at Time Recoil to see how similar it looks to Team Shifty’s recent top-down action game Mr. Shifty, which is by no means a bad resemblance, let’s just hope they nail the pacing better than Mr. Shifty. To see Time Recoil’s fast gameplay in action then check out the trailer below.

Time Recoil is coming PC on the 10th August, priced at $13.99. There is no confirmed console releases, but if the game is as popular as either Neon Chrome of Xenoraid then maybe will see if make its way to console later this year?

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