This weeks indie game console releases 19th September

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

Tuesday 20th September

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (PS4/ Xbox One)
Dev: The Chinese Room/ Robert Briscoe


Dear Esther originally released on PC back in 2012 on PC and was well received by both gamers and critics. The game is effectively a ghost story, told through a first-person perspective. The gameplay focusses on a lot of exploration, as you uncover mysteries of the island Dear Esther is set on you unlock fragments of the story.

The game plays a lot on the thought of imagination, what is real? and what is an illusion? The beautifully designed world of Dear Esther is accompanied with a stunning soundtrack by Jessica Curry. If you love a deep narrative exploration adventure then no doubt Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is for you.


Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut (PS4)

Dev: Necrophone Games


Jazzpunk throws comedy, adventure and espionage in a bowl, beautifully mixes them together and serves up a wonderfully original gaming experience. The game is set in an alternative reality Cold War world full of corporate criminals and cyber crime. As you explore the open-world style setting you’ll come across some very bizarre gadgets, combine these funky gadgets with the spoof comedy gameplay and you are in for a rocket of a ride.


Slain: Back From Hell (PS4/ Xbox One)

Dev: Wolf Brew Games

feature title

Slain: Back From Hell is a game we cannot wait to get our hands on, featuring in our September Hotlist. You venture through an iconic pixelated gothic world, gruesomely putting beast to the sword. You Play as Bathoryn, a lycanthropic hero of the Gothic world, who is on a quest to destroy seven great towers and slaying the deadly overlords within them. Grotesque beasts aren’t Bathoryn’s only challenge, to successfully make his way to the top (or bottom) of each tower he must work past a variety of puzzles. Slain: Back From Hell’s fast gameplay, iconic setting and pulse-raising heavy metal sound track make it a must play for any hack and slash fan.



The Bunker (PS4)

Dev: Splendy Games


The Bunker looks to create one of the most unique gaming experiences we’re yet to witness on consoles. Indie developers Splendy look to completely immerse players with fully interactive live action gameplay.

There’s no denying The Bunker look absolutely terrifying. With writer and designers from hit games such as The Witcher and Broken Sword they look to back up the haunting setting with deep and engaging narrative. The game tells the story of John, the sole survivor of a nuclear blast that obliterated earth. John has taken up refuge in a government bunker for the last 30 years, one by one the other survivors have died off, now he is the only one left. The bunker holds many secrets, John must confront his suppressed memories to survive the horrors of The Bunker.


Last Fight (PS4/ Xbox One)



Lastfight pays homage to retro brawling fighters. Choosing from a roster of 10 characters, players can literally pick up any object within an arena and throw it at their opponents. Don’t like the look of that TV…use it as a weapon, that chair doesn’t look too comfy…maybe it’ll make a better weapon. With 8 different stages to choose from and each stage hosting it’s own unique furniture, the choice of weapons is almost overwhelming. Lastfight looks the perfect game to invite your friends over for some crazy couch brawling. Multiplayer not your thing? don’t worry, there’s also single player story mode to fight your way through.


Zenith (PS4)

Dev: Infinigon


Zenith takes everything we love about RPG games: unorthodox characters, compelling story, more unorthodox characters, epic fantasy world, more unor… you get where this is going. Zeith looks to take players on both an engaging and hilarious adventure. With it’s generous portions of humour and parody Zenith will provide an RPG experience that you wont be forgetting anytime soon!


Hopiko (PS4)
Dev: Laser Dog


Hopiko is a brutally fast-paced speed running platform game. The words ‘speed run’ instantly make some gamers shiver, knowing that this is not going to be a simple platformer to play through; hours of gameplay and muscle memory are the key to topping those leaderboards. With over 100 levels, all relatively short, Hopiko aims to hook you with it’s simple concepts and challenging gameplay.



Virginia (PS4/ Xbox One)
Dev:Variable State


Virginia is an interactive drama, think heavy rain meets Firewatch. You play as a fledgling FBI agent who is investigating the disappearance of a missing young boy. Set in an iconic 90’s rural Virginia you will meet a variety of characters along the way, from has-beens to loner to creeps, many with something to hide. Accompanied with a beautiful soundtrack, Virginia looks to create an immersive, engaging and emotional experience.

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