The Little Acre’s demo was beautifully nostalgic

A throwback to the point & click golden era

Recently at EGX we were able to get out hands on The Little Acre; a new point and click adventure from indie developer Pewter Games. Before heading to the UK’s biggest gaming event we had already expressed our excitement around playing the beautiful looking game. So, did the demo live up to our expectations?


In one word, yes! Growing up in the 90’s and playing through memorable titles such as Broken Sword and Day of the Tentacle provided me with some of my most fond gaming experiences. The Little Acre felt like a wonderfully respectful nod to those iconic game in the point and click genre, while carrying enough originallity to hold it’s own.


In the demo you play as Aiden, one of the main characters within the game, alongside his daughter Lily. Although the demo was only a snippet of the full game it’s clear to see that all the classic ingredients of a good old fashion point and click adventurer are here; beautifully hand-drawn artwork, charming Disney-like animations, authentic voice acting and some very oddball side characters. Exporling the vibrant and engrossing fiction Ireland, while searching for componets to build a portal-creating clove felt like a pleasure.

The Little Acre was one of the stand out games for us within the EGX Rezzed Zone. It looks like we are going to have to wait until early next year to get to play the full game. Need reminding of why this game looks so good? check out the charming trailer below.


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