The Little Acre looks seriously charming

This charming adventure is coming to consoles the end of the year.

The Little Arce is a point & Click adventurer from indie developer Pewter Games. With beautiful hand-drawn artwork and nostalgically arousing animation there’s no denying the game looks adorable. Seriously adorable. As you play through the charming story, which is set in the fantasy universe of Clonfira, the perspective of the narrative continuously changes, helping immerse even further  into the richly animated world.


The story follows Lily and her father, Aidan, who have mysteriously found themselves transported from 1950’s Ireland to Clonfira. The Little Acre has all the reminiscence of a classic Disney tale, with it’s story led experience and beautifully charming artwork, we cannot wait to lose ourselves in this mysterious tale.


Heading to EGX? You are in luck! The Little Acre is playable in the Razzed Zone; we will be sharing our thoughts after playing it at EGX this weekend.


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