The Indie-Credible team may be small, but boy-oh-boy is it mighty! The team is made up of three friends who want nothing more than to provide you with the best indie game coverage the world has ever seen.

Lewis Woodhouse
Twitter @Indie_Woody

Lewis started Indie-Credible in the summer of 2016 after struggling to find a website that justifiably covered indie games. Although he can’t deny his love for some AAA games (especially the Final Fantasy series) his true love lies in the indies – people say he plays too many indie games, but we all know that’s not possible.

Lewis loves:
Farming sims, Pizza, Coffee, JRPG’s, Power Rangers, Taylor Swift and The OC

Lewis Hates:

Dan (The Dice Bear)
Twitter @TheDiceBear

Dan has been in the mix of Indie-Credible since the beginning, Dan is to Lewis what Billy (Blue Ranger) is to Jason (Red Ranger). Video games have always played a huge part in Dan’s life, from the good old days of Doom LAN parties to being mentally challenged by Hellblade. Although he cant deny his love for the indies, his real passion lies in the golden oldies (that retro gaming to you and me). With an impressive collection ranging back to Commodore 64 (Mint in box).

Dan is the artist behind our brilliant profile pictures. To keep up to date with Dan’s coverage of board games, retro games and everything in the Nerdverse then check him out at

Dan Loves:
Retro games, Board games, The Nerdverse, Comics and Jim Henson

Dan Hates:
Loot boxes!

Tom Smith
Twitter @ShrieknProphet

Tom is the newest member of the Indie-Credible team. Although he’s always enjoyed gaming, he’s new to the world of indie gaming and as we’ve learnt over the past couple of months, he isn’t very good at them. But what Tom lacks in gaming ability he makes up for in…we’ll let you know when we find out.

Tom Loves:
McDonald’s, Bioshock Infinite, Star Trek, Ashley Birch and cheap beer.

Tom Hates:
Turn-based combat!

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