This Christmas the Indie-Credible team are bringing you something special, The Indie-Credible Advent Calendar. This calendar will run like any other advent calendar, each day a new door will open and the game hidden behind that door will go to one of our readers. What makes this even better is just how simple it is to enter. All you need to do is sign up for our weekly Indie-Credible newsletter that’ll be posted out every Saturday in the new year. The form to sign up is above and below the advent calendar and it literally takes 16.7 seconds (that’s the fastest I’ve done it in any way). Good luck!

All games in this giveaway have been provided by the developer or publisher. Most games in the Advent Calander are for PC (Steam) due to them being region free. If you win a game that you don’t have the console for then just let us know, we’ll try to get a code that works for you. Every day a member of our ‘Indie-Credible newsletter’ mailing list will get an email saying they’ve won with the code attached. We’d hugely appreciate it if you shared your win on Social Media.

Feel free to hover over the dates to try and work out what indie games are hidden behind each door.

1st December - Mages of Mystralia for PC (steam)
2nd December - Cat Quest for PS4 (EU)
3rd December - Terroir for PC (Steam)
4th December - Starbound for PC (Steam)
5th December - Minecraft Story Season 1 for PC (Steam)
6th December - She Remembers Caterpillars for PC (Steam)
7th December - Pony Island for PC (Steam)
8th December - Mighty No.9 for PC (Steam)
9th December - Kholat for PC (Steam)
10th December - Magic for PC (Steam)
11th December - Darkest Dungeon for PC (Steam)
12th December - Fearless Fantasy for PC (Steam)
13th December - DreadOut for PC (Steam)
14th December - Guts and Glory for PC (Steam)
15th December - Victor Vran Overkill Edition for PC (Steam)
16th December - Torchlight 2 for PC (steam)
17th December - Binaries for Nintendo Switch (EU)
18th December - Fable Fortune for PC (Steam)
19th December - Tricone Lab for PC (Steam)
20th December - Bomber Crew for PC (Steam)
21st December - Ink 1x PS4 (EU) / 1x Xbox One (region free)
22nd December - Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles 2x PS4 (NA) / 1x PC (Steam)
Stardew Valley
December 23rd - Stardew Valley for PC (Steam)
24th December - PUBG for Xbox One (region free)