First Impressions / The Bunker

Some dark mysteries lurk within The Bunker

A lot of our excitement towards The Bunker was not really knowing what to expect from a live-action game. After playing through the first hour the concept makes a lot more sense. Gameplay works very much like a point & click game, hover the cursor over an interactive object and select it to zoom in or use it (if usable). At first you have no freedom in what to select, which made me feel more like a spectator, but once you’ve pass the initial 20 minute the game gives you a few more interactive options.


So what about the story? As soon as the game starts you are thrown into an emotional scene between John and his mother, who unfortunately is on her last breath of life. Just before passing she asks you to promise to never leave your room, warning you it’s not safe in the depths of The Bunker. Skip forward 10 minutes and guess what? There’s a computer error, which means you have to leave your room. Gulp.

I can’t comment too much more on where the story is going but I can say there have been a few mentions that have me excited. Already i’ve seen a warning for level 5, which naturally make me want to check out level 5. There has also been a fair bit of talk about a radiation leek, and, well, we all know what happens when humans and radiation mix in a horror flick!

The Bunker is going a great job of immersing me in it’s eerie and haunting atmosphere. Moving from seen to seen is very smooth, providing a seamless experience. I’m also very intrigued by the back story of The Bunker, I really what to know ‘What happened here?’ and ‘why is everyone but me dead’. I have no doubt that these questions will be answered as I delve deeper into The Bunker.

The Bunker released this week and is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

These impressions are from the PS4 version provided by the publisher.

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