Syndrome looks atmospherically terrifying

Suspenseful survival horror coming to consoles early 2017

Survival horror games have hugely grown in both popularity and ambition over the recent years; if well developed they can offer some of the most immersive and terrifying experiences in gaming. Indie developer Camel 101 looks to strike fear in to players with their upcoming release of Syndrome.


Syndrome is set aboard a drifting ship lost in space. You awake from cryosleep to find that all is not as you remember. Your friends and fellow crew members are gone, instead to keep you company are merciless monstrosities who most definitely don’t come in peace.


Combine these brutal creatures, a haunting atmospheric ship and no-doubt limited supply’s and you have all the elements to created some sleepless nights. Taking on these bloodthirsty creatures will probably rarely end well, you’ll need to silently navigate around the ship to uncover the the chilling truth of what happened.


Syndrome releases October 6th on PC and will release early 2017 on both Xbox and PS4. What to see the game in action? Check out the trailer below.


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