Super Dungeon Bros: Rocking multiplayer fun

Rocking multiplayer fun!

Have you always wanted to serve the gods of rock? Well my friends the wait is over! Super Dungeon Bros, developed by indie studio React Games lets your take control of a band of heavy metal heroes, who have been sent on a quest to uncover the legend of long-lost fabled rock stars.


Uncovering these legends wont be easy, teaming up with up to 3 other bros, or broettes, to destroy hoards of evil and lay claim to some rock-licious loot. Playing as a band with fellow metal heads won’t only help defeat the every increasing presence of evil, you’ll need to work on all your bro-op skills to clear some of the classic dungeon crawler puzzles.


The realm of Rokheim host three unique and challenging worlds for you and your band mates to explore; Cryptheim is an underground dungeon complex; Chillheim is a brewery built upon a natural brew; Bogheim is a sprawling jungle filled with rock-hungry plants and animals. Thanks to the random room generation you and your metal headed friends will never mosh through the same dungeon twice.


Fancy rocking out with broettes over bros? React Games have got it covered. At launch ‘The Broettes Character Pack’ is available as a free download on all platforms. The pack features a hit squad of dangerous, metal-hungry females. Patti, Nyx, Lita and Jett make up the fearful foresome, who are just as hellbent as their counter-part Bros on reviving the lost rock stars of old!


Super Dungeon Bros is coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox on Tuesday 1st November. Xbox players are in for a treat, Super Dungeon Bros will be available for free as part of November’s Games with Gold. Need more convincing? check out the rock-tingerling trailer below.


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