Super Cloudbuilt makes sudden change to in-game graphics

Now you can choose how the game looks!

Coilworks’ rocket parkour, speedrunning extravaganza: Super Cloudbuilt, which will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam this summer, has seen some intriguing changes in the game’s visual style.

Super Cloudbuilt frankly has a whole lot going on already, it truly is a game that seems to revolve around giving the player choice on how to complete the game. Players are given numerous paths to complete each level which they can take slowly, exploring and collecting power-ups or flying through levels at high speed relying on reflex and skill. All of which is rewarded with multiple endings to the game.

Now though, players are being given the choice to change the game’s graphics. Originally Super Cloudbuilt’s style gave the impression the game was being hand-drawn, giving a very bold and striking look, but now the graphics can be changed to the options: ‘Painted’,  ‘Key Colors’, and  ‘Sketch’ to name just a few.

Anders Davallius, creative director at Coilworks said: “We decided to give players more flexibility based on their personal preference, giving them new ways to experience Super Cloudbuilt by providing styles that we thought looked cool and felt unique.” So it seems that visual style remains a key factor in this game, so much so that we’ve been provided with a whole range of distinct and prominent new looks!

To see these new styles in all their glory watch the video below.

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