Stunning Seasons After Fall is coming to PS4 & Xbox One

Charming hand-drawn puzzler coming to consoles soon!

Seasons After Fall is a beautiful puzzle adventure through the stunning Forest of Ancestors. Indie developer Swing Swing Submarine have created this unique adventure, with charming hand-drawn artwork and a compelling soundtrack, especially written for the game, all of which help engross the player in the enthralling and mysterious world of nature.

Seasons After Fall originally release on PC in September last year, and was very well received by both players and critics. You play as a wild fox on a dangerous journey through the Forrest of Ancestors, with the ability to change the seasons at your will, which is a vital element to the puzzle gameplay as you progress through the thoughtful story.

Each seasons brings environmental changes to the gameplay; Spring raises water levels, Summer allows vines to unravel, Autumn brings mushrooms out in bloom and Winter will freeze water – all adding to a unique combination of thought-provoking puzzles. The beautiful ensemble of original artwork, unique puzzle design and live string quartet soundtrack look to make Seasons After Fall an engaging adventure through and inviting world.

Seasons After Fall is available now on PC, developers Swing Swing Submarine have confirmed the game will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in the beginning of 2017.If you want to see more of this charming puzzler check out the trailer below.