Spy Chameleon is charmingly challenging

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

Are you looking for a logically challenging puzzle adventure to get you teeth into? Even if your not should check out Spy Chameleon. Unfinished Pixel’s arcade puzzler is super easy to pick up and play, but as you progress the challenge gets hard, especially if you are trophy hunter.


The game has you take control of a Chameleon, clue’s in the title, who must make their way through various traps and past robot guards to complete series of levels. Each level host 3 different challenges; 2 collectable challenges and 1 time trial challenge. A nice addition is speed run mode, by turning this on you remove all collectables, allowing you to focus on completing the level within the set time (great help when completing the harder levels).


Spy Chameleon is single player only – offering players 75 thought provoking levels, available in both normal and hard modes. To help you complete the levels your chameleon has some slick skills to hand; you can change the your colour to blend in with different elements of the level by simply pressing the representing colour on the controller. For example the X button turn you blue, the O button turns you red. This is a simple mechanic delivered in a really efficient and engaging way, combine this will different tactics and approaches you can take to fool security robots, fish and mice then you on to a winner.

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