Songbringer looks to be an eccentric RPG

Explore the galaxy with a moustache obsessed robot!

Ever fancied playing through a procedurally generated Sci-Fi world with a shirtless dude and his moustache obsessed robot companion? IF the answers yes, then read on, if the answers no, then really? Songbringer follows carefree Roq and his quirky companion Jib, who’s main goal in life is to cruise the galaxy in search to create the ultimate party on their euphoric ship, which funny enough is called Songbringer.

After accidentally awakening an ancient evil and throwing the galaxy into a potential galactic war, it falls on Roq and Jib to save the galaxy from total annihilation. You’ll need to help Roq master the powers of the rare cacti to; which will hep you explore a variety of dungeons, find some pretty unique loot and battle hordes of unusual enemies. One’s thing for sure, there looks to be a lot of variety in this rich and immersive galaxy.

The game presents a beautiful procedurally generated world to play through; players enter a six-letter word when starting a new game, this word will creates a unique environment combination. With 308 million combinations available – no adventure will be the same. Unless you want your friend to play through the world you played, if so, just simply give them the code you entered. Alternatively, if your lucky enough to actually have a friend, then invite them over for some local multiplay – they join the game as Jib, bringing even more enjoyment to exploring this eccentric cosmic world.

One man developer’s Wizard Fu have teamed up with indie publishers Double Eleven to bring us this classic RPG with a fun and unique twist. Songbringer will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer. If you want to see this quirky RPG in action then check out the trailer below.