SOEDESCO announce that their next title is a Real Farm Sim

A serious farming sim coming to all platforms

Independent publishers SOEDESCO have announced their next published title will be Real Farm Sim, a realistic farming simulation game. This will be the publisher’s third original title, which is being developed by Triangle Studios; their previous first party titles were Adam’s Adventure and the musically themed AereA.

When explaining their decision to explore the simulation genre, Executive Manager Hans van Brakel mentioned “We noticed a lot of interest in the farming simulation genre, but we feel nobody’s really bringing anything new to the table. With Real Farm Sim, we want to improve the farming simulation experience with new-gen game mechanics and new-gen graphics. The game is called Real Farm Sim for a reason: it gives players the real farming experience.”

Other than the annual Farming Simulator you have to agree with SOEDESCO’s reasoning. Farming simulators have more recently stretched their interest into a more RPG adventure, both Stardew Valley and Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles are brilliant games, but neither are strict farming simulation games.

So, other than the obvious, what is Real Farm Sim?

Firstly the game offers a career mode that sees you starting as a farm hand, but by completing various tasks, making key business decisions and some damn good farming you’ll hope to become the next A-list farming celeb. Real Farm Sim is presented itself in a luscious 4K open world, where players can choose how they want to go about managing their farm.

As you’d expect, the main gameplay of Real Farm Sim comes down to your maintenance on a farm, from growing crops, rearing livestock and keeping in the know with real-time market prices – all of which is important if you want your farm to flourish into a sustainable business. As you’d expect there is also a free mode, which offers you the ability to roam the open farming world with none of the stress of the career mode.

There is no confirmed release date for Real Farm Sim yet, although SOEDESCO has said it should be released before the end of the year. The game is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, yes, you’ll be able to farm on the go. To get a glimpse of what to expect from Real Farm Sim then check out the reveal trailer below.

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