Shadow Brawlers is a fighter that mixes mini games with tense stealth brawls

Not everything is black & white!

Who doesn’t love a gruelling couch multiplayer game? We certainly love them at Indie-Credible, which is why we were pretty excited to hear about Shadow Brawlers, a local multiplayer game that mixes a tense stealth fighting game with free-for-all mini-games.

The first thing that stands out with Shadow Brawlers is its noir-influenced art style, which helps emphasize the dramatic, player-identifying colours then jump out in arcade-style fashion. This is what certainly turn our heads at first, but then looking into the game further we realised that Shadow Brawlers is a lot more than ‘another couch brawler’.

If anyone has played Black & White Bushido then you’ll notice an instant likeness to the style of the game. It’s not just the style that carries over, much like B & W Bushido, Shadow Brawlers sees you controlling a ninja (although these ninjas are pretty cute) it the aim of outwitting your opponent by blending int the background, waiting for the right time to strike. Where the game does differ from other titles is how it introduces minigame section into the brutal brawling. Not much information has been shared in regards to these minigames, but from what we can see in the trailer they look to mix objective-based gameplay with stealth brawling.

Shadow Brawler 1

Shadow Brawlers is the first game for independent developers Team Guazu, who’ve teamed up with Latin American publishers Inca Games to bring the game to PC and consoles later this year. Although the game is not yet a finished product, it has been turning heads in the indie gaming scene, recently being named ‘Best Game of Show’ at EVA 2017, an indie game conference hosted in Buenos Aires.

No confirmed release date has been announced for Shadow Brawlers, but publishers Inca Games have said the game can be expected around Q3 this year and it coming to both PC and consoles. PC players can try the game now on here, just remember the game is still in development and this is not the final version. To see the tense multiplayer matches of Shadow Brawlers in action then check out the teaser trailer below.

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