Serial Cleaner gets a Nintendo Switch release date

Soon you'll be able to clean on the go!

Earlier this year independent developers iFun4All and Curve Digital treated us to the 70’s inspired crime scene clean up game Serial Cleaner, and from the 30th November, Nintendo Switch players will be able to play the quirky puzzler on the go.

Serial cleaner puts a unique spin on the top-down action genre by making you the cleaner for the Mafia. The game plays on on a level or stage basis, where you’re challenged with clearing away evidence, removing bodies and hoovering up blood, all while staying out of view from the ever-lurking police. We reviewed Serial Cleaner earlier in the year, giving the game an 8.6 and praising it for the immersive 70’s atmosphere it creates and the fun challenge it boasts.

Developers iFun4All have experience in bringing their games over to the Nintendo Switch, releasing touchscreen puzzler Green Game: Timeswapper earlier this month and also bringing over their title Red Game Without a Great Name this Friday, the 24th November.

The developer isn’t stopping there, they’re also giving fans of these games a chance to get their hands on a pretty slick digital artbook, full of 70’s inspired concept art from Serial Cleaner. To enter you simply need to head to their facebook link here, like their¬†page and send them a little message requesting a copy of the digital artbook.

Serial Cleaner can be played now on PS4, Xbox One and PC and will be releasing worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on the 30th November with a price tag of £11.99 ($14.99), which we personally think is a bargain for what the game offers. To see Serial Cleaner in action then you can check out the Switch announcement trailer below, happy cleaning.


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