Sci-fi shooter Beacon looks like a blast to play

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths


Beacon looks to bring fast pace, frantic sci-fi action to the Xbox One. This top down shooter is created by indie developers Monothentic. Players take the role of a rouge character looking to survive on a randomly generated hostile planet. The aim of the game is to search for your distress beacon, in the hope it will aid your escape from the planet.


Beacon hosts a variety of nice gameplay features, my favourite being that for every enemy you kill you’ll collect some of their DNA. Upon death, which apparently is inevitable, you’ll be able to combine the DNA you’ve collected with your own; by doing so you’ll be able to select new stats and create potential game-changing physical mutations.


Beacon will be available on PC and Mac at the end of this year, with the Xbox release coming sometime in Q1 2017

If your as excited as we are to blast your way through a hostile planet playing as a mutated beast, then check out the awesome gameplay trailer below.

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