Rogue-like meets TCG, Monster Slayer is coming to PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One this Spring

Rogue-like, RPG, deck building. Sounds like a blast

Independent developers Nerdook Productions and publishers Digerati have announced the console release of Monster Slayer, a rogue-like adventure game where combat plays out in strategic card-based battles. We haven’t been given a finalised release date but can expect to see the game on PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One this Spring.

Monster Slayer originally released on Steam last year and was well received by both players and critics. The game has you create a new hero to join the Monster Slayer guild, but to become a true monster slaying legend you’ll need to venture into the Northern Valley to defeat the iconic Harbinger.

As you venture into these fantasy lands you’ll need to overcome a variety of beasts, from lion outlaws to magical dragons. These battles play out in strategic card-based duels and with a ton of these cards to collect and flesh your deck out with there is a huge variety in deck building.

Starting out a new adventure you’ll get to choose from one of twelve different classes, all with their own starting stats and deck building abilities. The further you progress in Monster Slayer the more the game leans into these RPG elements and deck-stacking emphasis.

With Monster Slayer being a rogue-like the ever-looming permadeath is lurking around each corner. As you defeat these fantasy inspired beasts you’ll acquire fame, which can be used upon death to start with a more powerful and robust card deck.

As previously mentioned, no confirmed release date has been announced for the console release of Monster Slayer. To see the game in action then check out the console announcement trailer below, alternatively, PC players can play the game now on Steam.

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