Robonauts: A memorising modern arcade shooter

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

One of the best features of modern consoles is the ability to purchases some classic arcade greats and enjoy them in the comforts of our home; no more digging deep for  a 20p piece in our pockets. With this unbelievable access to all these fantastic games it’s easy for several greats to slip under our radar. One game we think you should be excited for is Robonauts, developed by Qubic Games, which looks to combines all the great arcade shoot’em up mechanics with a gorgeous modern art style.


You play as Robo, a friendly little robot who has wandered too far from home and must know destroy everything in his sights to survive. Robonauts plays across 12 worlds, with up to 50 mesmerisingly unique planets in each world to jump between. To help little Robo survive you’ll have to utilise the fast paced planets switching mechanic, or you could just go in gung-ho and hope for the best? It is an arcade shooter after all!


On the outside Robonauts looks to be a charming adventure involving a rather adorable robot, but look closer and you’ll soon see there’s a lot of frantic, fast-paced and relentless gameplay. To get more of an idea check out the reveal trailer below or download the free demo at the Robonauts website, only available on PC.


Robonauts is currently on Kickstarter, if you’ve like what you’ve seen of the game then you can help development progress by backing it at the Kickstarter project page.

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