Rise & Shine: Dev’s help us prepare for challenging gameplay

New video doesn't only offer us some help but shows off some awesome new gameplay!

Rise & Shine will release on Xbox One and PC this week. Indie developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimentional Mega Team have continuously claimed the platform shooter has some seriously challenging gameplay. To help us take out first steps in the game the quirky named indie dev’s have released a video providing us with some useful tips, and of course some brilliant gameplay.

Rise & Shine is a fusion of puzzle platformer, arcade shooter and frantic action. You play as a young boy called Rise, who, partnered with a fabled back-talking gun called Shine, is on an adventure to destroy the Nexgen invaders and save the world.

Rise & Shine releases on both PC and Xbox One on Friday 13th January, the game is available for pre-order and early install through Xbox and Steam.