REVIEW / ChromaGun

For most of us, primary colours are a distant memory from a primary school lesson, and it’s this distant knowledge that first-person puzzle game ChromaGun Chall...[Read More]

REVIEW / Nidhogg 2

The original Nidhogg released back in 2014, coming from nowhere and engrossing players with its simplistic design and brilliant multiplayer. For the most part, ...[Read More]

REVIEW / Redeemer

Sometimes games can over complicate themselves, either through multilayered and intertwined stories or requiring the player to learn an array of controls or mec...[Read More]

REVIEW / Hellblade : Senua’s Sacrifice

I remember being told that gaming was the future of story telling, that developers would be able to immerse you in a story in ways that cinema and books never c...[Read More]

REVIEW/ Cat Quest

Cat Quest by The Gentlebros is set in a glorious 2D Open World that takes everything you love about role playing games and sprinkles it with cat-nip. Explore th...[Read More]

REVIEW / Masquerada: Songs & Shadows

Heavily inspired by Venetian history, Masquerada: Songs & Shadows is an adventure game that takes you through a fantasy world steeped in history and culture...[Read More]

REVIEW / Tacoma

Back in 2013 developers The Fullbright Company treated us to the thought-provoking interactive story game Gone Home, and now they have released their second tit...[Read More]

REVIEW / Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Every now and then a game comes along and completely takes you by surprise; that’s exactly what happened when I started playing through the stunning Yonder: The...[Read More]

REVIEW / Ultra Hyperball

Ultra Hyperball by Springloaded takes all the action of head-butting a small ball and sends it to the moon. Think California Games’ hacky sack set in a futurist...[Read More]

REVIEW / DeadCore

Get ready to buy a new controller, as DeadCore by 5-Bit Games will have you shattering your pad against the wall. This frustratingly difficult FPS tower-climber...[Read More]

REVIEW / Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner is a puzzle adventure game that puts a unique twist on the room clear genre. Previous games of the genre so often focus on ‘killing anything that...[Read More]

REVIEW / Get Even

When sitting down to play Get Even I was expecting something unusual and mysterious. After seeing all the vague and question filled promotion that came out ahea...[Read More]

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