Earlier this year Zelda Breath of the Wild took the gaming world by storm, it’s stunning open world that encouraged independence through its gameplay was a shee...[Read More]


So often we are sent games that look to be quirky takes on the puzzle genre, and with so many titles releasing every week we have to be selective in what we pla...[Read More]

REVIEW / DreamBreak

I didn’t know what to expect going into DreamBreak. I was hearing conflicting reports on what kind of game it was, some saying a point and click, some saying a ...[Read More]

REVIEW / Life Is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 1: Awake

I’m a really big fan of Life Is Strange, for me one of the best things about it was it’s tight, standalone story that was exceptionally well told, and I feel wa...[Read More]

REVIEW / Absolver

Absolver is both a bold and fresh take on the fighting game genre, which is due to its intricate fighting mechanics and enriching customisable fighting styles. ...[Read More]

REVIEW / Surf World Series

From the first paddle developers, Climax Studios had a very challenging task, capturing the atmosphere and ‘feeling’ of surfing in a modern video game. Although...[Read More]

REVIEW / ChromaGun

For most of us, primary colours are a distant memory from a primary school lesson, and it’s this distant knowledge that first-person puzzle game ChromaGun Chall...[Read More]

REVIEW / Nidhogg 2

The original Nidhogg released back in 2014, coming from nowhere and engrossing players with its simplistic design and brilliant multiplayer. For the most part, ...[Read More]

REVIEW / Redeemer

Sometimes games can over complicate themselves, either through multilayered and intertwined stories or requiring the player to learn an array of controls or mec...[Read More]

REVIEW / Hellblade : Senua’s Sacrifice

I remember being told that gaming was the future of story telling, that developers would be able to immerse you in a story in ways that cinema and books never c...[Read More]

REVIEW/ Cat Quest

Cat Quest by The Gentlebros is set in a glorious 2D Open World that takes everything you love about role playing games and sprinkles it with cat-nip. Explore th...[Read More]

REVIEW / Masquerada: Songs & Shadows

Heavily inspired by Venetian history, Masquerada: Songs & Shadows is an adventure game that takes you through a fantasy world steeped in history and culture...[Read More]

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