REVIEW / Life Is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 3: Hell Is Empty

Is this a suitable conclusion?

Episode three of Life is Strange: Before the Storm had the unfortunate position of tieing up all the loose ends laid out by the first two episodes. I have to say, honestly, I wasn’t feeling confident that episode three would deliver on a satisfying conclusion, but I was also hoping that I’d be proven wrong.

This episode opens up almost immediately after the cliffhanger of the previous episode, with Rachel’s Dad sitting Chloe and Rachael down and revealing all the secrets he’s been keeping. You then go on to deal with the emotional consequences and problems that arise from there on out.

The themes this episode deals with are some of the best elements the series, Hell is Empty really does try to have some seriously thought-provoking discussion about truth and whether it’s an inherently good thing or if it’s even important at all towards making someone a good person. This is a major theme of the episode and is an excellent and unique thing for a game to put forward, making me really wrestle with some of the choices towards the end of the game. As always, I feel I should give a quick mention to the soundtrack, it really does provide a spot on tone for the harsh teenage drama the game delivers.

Unfortunately, now I have to talk about the flaws in episode three, and to jump right into it, I have to say I am disappointed. This is quite an anticlimactic end to the series, there was so much build up that ultimately lead to nothing, when I got to the end and the music started swelling, it felt like I was being ushered out of a movie theatre halfway through the second act. I also feel there were some major story elements from previous episodes that didn’t get addressed at all, which honestly just felt very frustrating.After thinking it over for a few days I really just don’t feel this final episode led anywhere and is for me the weakest episode of the three. It was by no means terrible, but since this is a prequel I can’t not compare it to the finale of the original Life is Strange, which was the most intense episode of the series and Hell is Empty really just left me feeling hella meh.