REVIEW / Lethal League

A fun and chaotic fighter that anyone can play!

The fighting game genre has always thrived on it’s multiplayer aspects, whether it’s online play or a local couch battle, on things for sure, everyone loves that satisfying feeling of standing victorious at the end of a gruelling battle, and Lethal League is no different. In fact, with it’s super simple concept and easy control scheme, Lethal League offers the opportunity for anyone to stand triumphant, well, almost anyone.

The game brings a new and unique twist to the classic fighting game concept, rather than pummel your opponent health down to zero, you simple have to smash an anti-gravity ball into your opponents face. The joy of Lethal Leagues gameplay is just how simple it is to play, there are four basic commands; attack, bunt, jump and taunt, meaning even the most naive gamer can get involved in the action.

Now, if your thinking this game is too easy for me then think again. Although there are only four commands (three of which actually do something useful) the game offers a challenging learning curve for anyone who wants to call themselves a Lethal League master. The biggest challenge come for the increasing speed of the ball every time it’s hit, and trust me when I say that ball can get pretty fast. As the ball moves faster you really need to start planning you movements two or three bounces ahead, which is a lot easier said than done.

Lethal League’s contents steers heavily on the multiplayer side, there is a single player challenge mode but this is very short and get very hard towards the end. The game really come into life when playing with friends, either online or on the couch. The stand out has to be the 4-player free-for-all brawls. These chaotic slugfests can become absolutely manic pretty quickly, but this just adds to the enjoyment and party feel of the game.

Is Lethal League a fiercely competitive fighter? in short, no. There are six different playable characters but they all have the same skill set(apart from their special moves). Also online matches don’t feature ranked skill points and although there maybe an element of timing skill, games can often be won with a little bit of good old fashioned button bashing luck.

Lethal League is a brilliantly accessibly fighting game that almost anyone can pick up and play. The party feel to the awesomely chaotic 4-player free-for-all matches will have you and your mates continuously saying ‘just one more game’. The lack of differentiation between the playable characters skill sets results in this not a game for hardcore fighting fans, however, if the idea of smashing a anti gravity ball at light speed into your friends face sounds fun, then Lethal League may just be the game for you.