REVIEW/ Cat Quest

Cat Quest by The Gentlebros is set in a glorious 2D Open World that takes everything you love about role playing games and sprinkles it with cat-nip. Explore the massive continent of Felingard, a catdvaenturer’s dream come true, filled with a purrfect mix of feline puns and pop culture references. Cat Quest takes you by the paw and guides you on a magical journey through the good old days of RPG’s: trekking across vibrant over-world maps, raiding monster filled dungeons, collecting epic loot, completing quests and taking as many cat-naps as possible in this pawesomely over the top adventure!

Cat Quest


Dragons once roamed the green hills of Felingard, destroying everything in their path, and only the fabled dragonbloods could defeat them. But one day they all vanished. You, a stoically mute tabby, are travelling across the ocean with your sister when a mysterious white cat appears. Before you’re able to react, your sister is snatched from the deck of the ship and your small wooden raft is blown to smitherines. Fortunately, a small blue spirit called Spirry snatches you from the clutches of death and guides you to the safety of the shore. Unfortunately, that shore isn’t as tranquil as it first seems. Felingard is overrun by ferocious dragons and the once-peaceful land is filled with roaming monsters, magical mischief and more cat puns than can possibly be healthy. As you awaken you notice that something is different about you and the once banal birthmark on the back of your head turns out to be the brand of the fabled dragonblood, the heroic dragon slayers who vanished years ago. Not only does this mean you’re Felingard’s last hope but you may be the only thing standing between your beloved sister and the pet cemetery.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest celebrates its classic RPG breeding with an epic overarching story line, a series of side quests that grow your character’s stats and a fleshed-out world that’s a joy to explore. Though the quests do fall into the same fetch quests & kill all monster categories, the stories and characters you meet are so much fun that the repetitive nature of the tasks don’t become tedious. Add into this that a quest takes no longer than a couple of minutes to complete and your fairy companion constantly mocks the generic RPG stereotypes Cat Quest uses – it’s hard not to enjoy your adventures across Felingard!

There is no real need to grind in this game with main and side quests, granting you enough xp to allow you to continue with the main story. However, once you reach level 70 you will need to start farming dungeons just to get all those achievements and extra goodies that Cat Quest is filled with – though the combat system is such a joy to use that you can’t help rushing groups of wandering monsters and reveling in the onslaught.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest uses a real-time battle system that allows you to rush your furry warrior into the heart of the fight, crush your enemies with various weapons, dodge incoming attacks and unleash the fury of the cat gods upon the land with powerful feline magic. Combat is beautifully simple, using a strike and dodge mechanic that’ll have you dancing around the arena, manipulating hostiles into the perfect position to strike. Each monster fights with its own unique patterns that are displayed as red scorch marks on the floor – as battle commences you need to time your attacks within the patterns to defeat these ferocious beasts. It’s far more tactical than the cutsie graphics let on and, though the game is on the easy side, the combat is the true hero of Cat Quest.

Felingard is filled with interesting places to visit, over 50 dungeons to defeat, more than 60 quests to complete, a bevy of feline friends to make and a whole bundle of secrets to find – Cat Quest will keep you entertained for hours. It was a real joy to be diverted from my quest to explore secret paths, hidden dungeons and at one point to defeat Felingards own version of the Rabbit of Caerbannog: it was a vicious battle and I needed all of my nine lives to escape.

Cat Quest

There really is so much to enjoy in Cat Quest from the Cutsie graphics that have more than a passing resemblance to Final Fantasy IX (especially the Vivi Orniter inspired mages) to the outstanding score that guides you along your journey, each step bouncing in time with the sumptuous melodies. The tactical combat maintains a joyous simplicity and the vast amount of armour and weapons to collect grow in power as you progress. It’s hard to fault this game, but as I have to, I would say that it’s a bit too easy and playing using a mouse and keyboard is not recommended.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest is the purrfect indie role play game, traveling through a cat infested world that revels in mocking RPG stereotypes while celebrating everything that is great about them. Admittedly it is a very easy game but I have honestly enjoyed every minute I spent saving the Catizens of Felingard from the terrible dragons and the maniacal plans of the mysterious white cat. So much so, that I can’t wait for it to come out on the Nintendo Switch and play the whole thing again.


The Cat's Whiskers


Good points

  • Purrfect Combat
  • Pawsome Puns
  • Hours of Feline Fun

Weak points

  • Very Easy