Rad Rodgers Kickstarter

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

Growing up and playing video games in the 90’s it was impossible to not play a good plaformer, the genre ruled the gaming world for a considerable amount of time. Fast forward 20 years and platformers have made a considerable comeback, with some excellent titles pushing the genre forward. Hopefully there will be another title helping the resurgence of these nostalgic experiences, let my introduce Rad, and his ill mouthed games console, Dusty.pic-1

Rad Rodgers, developed by Interceptor Entertainment looks to throw players back into the 90’s with its fast action paced platform gameplay. You play as Rad, a young boy who has been sucked into his very own video game (think classic Arnie in Last Action Hero), where he is accompanied by his dusty last-gen gaming console, Dusty. Together they embark on an adventure to finish a video game they are very much involved in, literally.


As you progress through the game Rad will be welcomed with some unique weapons, all helping to complete some hardcore platform levels in a gore-fuelled approach. Rad Rodgers may look pretty and cute on the outside but don’t let that fool you, this is not a family friendly game. Over the top gore and humorous foul-mouthed language make to a mature experience, think Comander Keen meets Duke Nukem.


Rad Rodgers is currently on Kickstarter, if like us you cannot wait to get your hands on it then please back the game here. Interceptor Entertainment are currently aiming to bring the game to PC and PS4, however, if the kickstarter is successful then they hope to extend the release to other consoles.

Still need convincing how great this game looks? Check out the beautifully brutal trailer below.


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