Pikuniku is too cute!

This platform puzzler looks like an episode of Mr Men

Hidden within the Rezzed area of EGX is the Leftfield collection; an assortment of unique indie games aspiring to build more attention. It’s within this assortment of treasures I stumbled upon Pikuniku, a very cute platform puzzler.


The moment I picked up the controller it felt like I was playing an interactive Mr.Men book, the simple but striking artwork instantly grabbed my attention. You play as a kinda pink boob with legs, who, while traveling through the playful enviroment must help other blob like creatures. The demo I experience wasn’t too long but the small platform puzzles I did come across provided a challenge but not impossible.


During my short time with Pikuniku a few things things that really stood out were the physics and animation. The way your cool looking blob strolls along oozed 80’s cartoon nostalgia, bouncing off different surfaces or interact withobjects felt well designed. I was only able to interact with a handful of other blobs within the demo, however, every blob I did interact with came across in a humerous and charming way.


We will certainly be keeping a close eye on Pikuniku and the developments over at F/DB. The game is currently set for release on PC and Mac, we really hope it finds it’s way to console. Want to see more of this quirky indie game? Check out the trailer below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q7WnlS5HYc&w=560&h=315]



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