MOTHERGUNSHIP is a relentless bullet-hell adventure

The combination of bullet-hell gameplay with strategic FPS perspective looks to provide relentless action in Mothergunship.

MOTHERGUNSHIP looks to throw you straight into it’s frantic action with the combination of intense bullet-hell gameplay and slick FPS shooting mechanics. The cross-genre hybrid see you going against hordes of formidable data-hording robotic aliens who are looking to invade Earth. As Earths last hope, it falls on you to take the fight to the alien races; the ultimate goal to bring down the MOTHERGUNSHIP.

The combination of the bullet-hell and FPS genres looks to provide some edge-of-your-seat gameplay; adapting to the situation and thinking on your feet is the only way to survive the relentless barrage of death-seeking projectiles. The continuous assault from the variety of the alien hordes isn’t the only think to be cautious about, at the end of each ship you play though are some of the biggest on-screen bosses you’ll lay your eyes on.

It’s fair to say that MOTHERGUNSHIP’s gameplay looks pretty unforgiving, but not all hope is lost. The game offers one of the most in-depth weapon crafting systems seen in gaming, allowing you to pretty much create the weapon of your dreams. The open-ended customisation can also influence how you play through the action-packed levels; do you choose a heavy hitting but slow firing cannon or go for the fast-firing machine gun that doesn’t pack as much of a punch?

Indie developers Terrible Posture Games have also included the opportunity for you take back Earth with your friends, either through local CO-OP or by participating in the online community to lay waste the the data-hungers robotic aliens.

MOTHERGUNSHIP hasn’t been giving a release date yet, Publishers Digital Grip have confirmed it will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC. To see the fast and frantic gameplay in action check out the trailer below.