Mode 7 are publishing their second game The Colonists

A cute and complex looking settlement sim.

Earlier this week, Mode 7, publishers of stylish shooter Tokyo 42, announced their second title as a publisher, a brand new IP called: The Colonists, a game developed single handily by Richard Wallis at Codebyfire.

The Colonists is a settlement building game in which you control a cute team of robots whose job it is to settle a newly-discovered planet, all in preparation for the arrival of the inhabitants from their homeworld. Starting from scratch, you must bring your settlement from the stone age all the way through to the space age by harvesting resources, farming, conquering, trading with other settlements, and sculpting the terrain to suit your colony’s ever growing and more complex needs.

The game will obviously feature a single player campaign but also includes a free play mode, a competitive multiplayer mode, and even co-op gameplay! So there is something for everybody, and if you’re a fan of The Settlers and Anno series then this will definitely be something to keep an eye on.

The Colonists will launch in Early Access next month, for more information on the game check out and follow The Colonists on twitter for frequent updates.