Meet the team of sassy, food-tastic platformer Bacon Man

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

In just under a month you’ll be able to get your greasy hands on Skymap Games upcoming, tough-as-nails platforming. But before then the team behind this quirky action platformer have introduced us to Bacon Man, Lard Lass, Pan and Feta – the heroes of Bacon Man.

Each of these characters will not only be a playable character in the game but also offer their own backstory for players to play through. The recent trailer showed off by the developers also highlights the unique emphasis of movement that each character will boast, which is a key element to Bacon Man’s gameplay in general.

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, Bacon Man plays out in a food-inspired world, a world that has seen our hero Bacon Man wrongfully put behind bars. Escaping from this imprisonment and seeking revenge is the main throughline of the game, but how the story plays out, the ability to traverse the environments how you choose all look to feel very original.

As previously mentioned, all the different characters offer different abilities and although most of these abilities link to combat, they can also be used for movement. Similar to some fighting games, linking together a combo on an enemy will allow you to traverse gaps or reach platforms regular movement doesn’t allow.

The ensemble of over-the-top food references, brutally challenging stages and almost unscripted movement look to make Bacon Man a fun if not a painfully hard adventure.

Bacon Man is releasing on PC on the 6th March, a console version for PS4 and Xbox One is confirmed but no release date has been announced yet. To see the game in action and get a glimpse of the cast of unique characters then check out the new trailer below.

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