M. creates a brilliant and immersive VR experience

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

It’s fair to say that some of the biggest excitement around this years gaming shows has been towards Virtual Reality. It’s no secret that some dubbing this the ‘future of gaming’. One of the best outcomes to VR’s huge media push is the new and unique gaming experiences developers are striving to bring us. That’s exactly what I felt when playing indie developer Furry Tail Dragon’s M. at EGX, the UK’s biggest gaming event.


Before attending EGX we were excited by the looks of this game; I’m glad to say we were not disappointed. The moment you dive into M. (the companies first game) you are presented with a dark and mysterious world. The deep shadows and eerie looking dreamcatcher like pendants create a haunting and immersive atmosphere, but not a scary one. It’s doesn’t take long to realise that this is a puzzler, a deep atmospheric puzzler, and if the first puzzle is anything to go by then the game looks to bring a welcomed challenge.


M. adopts a unique approach to the puzzle genre, allowing you to manipulate shadows and play with light to solve several challenges. Upon completing some of the challenges the screen is filled with beautiful bursts of glorious red, providing a dramatic contrast to the almost plain palette of colours that fill the world. All of these mechanics I’m sure will carry an impactful weight to the final games narrative.


It’s important to note that unlike other VR games I’ve played I never felt disorientated or ill while playing M. This was mostly due to the in-game teleportation system (no walking here), and the fact I was sat down for the whole demo. Furry Tail Dragon haven’t confirmed a released window yet for M. but did mention it will also be playable without VR.

There is no doubt that M. looks to immerse players into one of the most unique experiences I’ve played in VR. If your one of the lucky few you has or will have access to a VR headset then we strongly recommend you keep a close eye on the development over at Furry Tail Dragon.


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