Indie Fight Night Round 3 / Tricky Towers

Looks like building isn't Toms' strongpoint.

Indie Fight Night (IFN) is our new competitive let’s play series where the boys battle for points in a series of multiplayer indie games. A new episode will release each fortnight. Season one will contain 8 rounds.

Please ignore any references to this being round 4. This was initially the plan but unfortunately we lost our footage of round 3 so this is the new round 3.

This new round 3 sees us playing the puzzle building game Tricky Towers, available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

IFN is available to our Patreon supporters 2 weeks early for just $3, along with other indie game content.

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Lewis started Indie-Credible in the summer of 2016 after struggling to find a website that justifiably covered indie games. Although he can't deny his love for some AAA games (especially the Final Fantasy series) his true love lies in the indies - people say he plays too many indie games, but we all know that's not possible.