Indie developers phantom 8 have announced their first game

A gorgeous looking sci-fi action-adventure.

Indie developers Phantom 8 Studios have announced their first game Past Cure, which looks to combine stealth mechanics with tense action sequences to bring players a gritty and compelling single player experience. The game is set in a fictional world, well, it’s actually set in two fictional worlds; with the main story arc taking place across two different dimensions.

Past Cure follows the story of highly decorated ex-elite solider Ian, who, after being betrayed has been held prisoner in a mysterious European facility. For years Ian has been used as a subject in secret human trials, which have left him with unique skills such as mind control and telekinesis. However, these tests have also created a madness inside Ian, and every time he uses one of his unique abilities the madness grows, consuming him from the inside.

Seeking the help of his brother Markus and a mysterious double agent named Sophia, Ian now pursues the men who originally betrayed him and contributed to the mutation of his mind. Past Cure is coming to PC and PS4 sometime in 2017.