Indie-Credible Podcast Ep61 – PS Now Vs Xbox Game Pass for Indie Games

Wait, what did you say a spooky doorway was?

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Apologies for the absence over the past 2 weeks, but we are back. With the long break since Ep60 the boys have had a chance to sink some good time into a variety of indie games, including Space Hulk: Tactic, Forgotten Anne and Sinner Sacrifice for Redemption.

There isn’t a great load of indie game news this week, but as always we take you through it all. This week’s main topic sees use comparing PS Now and Xbox Game Pass as monthly subscription services, which is better for the indie gamer in you?

Lewis started Indie-Credible in the summer of 2016 after struggling to find a website that justifiably covered indie games. Although he can't deny his love for some AAA games (especially the Final Fantasy series) his true love lies in the indies - people say he plays too many indie games, but we all know that's not possible.