The Girl and the Robot is coming to PS4

The fairytale inspired adventure is making its console debut

Independent publishers Soedesco have brought us some great indie games over the past few years. Titles including Rouge Stormers, N.E.R.O, AereA and the brilliant Earthlock: Festival of Magic; and they’re adding further to their impressive portfolio by bringing The Girl and the Robot to PS4.

The Girl and the Robot, developed by Flying Carpet Games, originally released on PC in August 2016. The third person adventure game is set in a classic fairytale world, which is ruled by an evil queen. You play as a small girl, who is being held captive by the queen in a castle. Early into the girls escape she comes across a mysterious robot, one that almost looks alien in the fairytale setting.

Together the two embark on an adventure full of puzzles, mystery, and teamwork. With the ability to switch between the girl and the robot on the fly, you must utilise their different abilities to navigate the world and overcome a variety of enemies.

Not only does The Girl and the Robot have a stunning hand-painted art style, but also features a brilliantly atmospheric soundtrack that intertwines with moments of the games charming narrative.

Along with the release of The Girl and the Robot on PS4, Soedesco has also announced a boxed ‘Deluxe Edition’, which will not only feature a physical copy of the game but also a physical copy of the soundtrack.

The Girl and the Robot is available now on PC and coming to PlayStation 4 on September 22nd. To see PS4 version in action then check out the announcement trailer below.


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