Get ready for sci-fi RPG Elex with a new prologue trailer

A new post-apocalyptic sci-fi world to explore.

Indie developer Piranha Bytes and Publishers THQ Nordic have released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi/fantasy action RPG Elex. The trailer focusses on what happen to the post-apocalyptic world, the rise of factions and how Elex came to be the most valuable resource in Magalan.

As previously mentioned, Elex is an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy universe. The game is played out in a huge, seamless open world that is full of unique characters, some not-so-friendly creatures and deep, morally challenging decisions. It’s these decision that act as the real driving force behind Elex’s gameplay.

As you venture through the post-apocalyptic you’ll need to find a companion and choose a faction; both decisions will potentially influence the world you play through; certain factions will refuse to interact with each other, so be careful who you choose to side with. Every decision you make throughout the game carries genuine weight to it’s actions, which continuously forges the future of your game.

Elex’s decision system isn’t the only deep element to it’s gameplay, there is also a huge selection of weaponry, according to THQ Nordic ‘one of the widest selection of weaponry in the history of role-playing’. So, whether you choose to be a ruthless, shotgun wielding tyrant or a more calm, words before violence diplomat, there is both a weapon and decision to suit your play style.

There is currently no set release date for Elex, however, THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes have said the game will release in Q3 later this year. Get up to date on the lore of this intriguing, post-apocalyptic sci-fi world in the prologue trailer below.