Free-to-play platform fighter Brawlhalla is coming to PS4

Closed beta staring in May on PlayStation 4.

Brawlhalla originally released on Steam Early Access back in November 2015; since it’s initial release it has racked up a very impressing player base of over 5 million. Developers Blue Mammoth Games are looking to push that number even higher by bringing the free-to-play platform fighter to PlayStation 4 this year, with a closed beat starting in May.

Over the past 18 months Brawlhalla has received continuous support from the developers; whether it’s the character roster being added to (over 30 strong now!), new modes for players to battle through or the new addition of locations to settle your feuds in. The increase in content doesn’t stop there, Blue Mammoth Games today announced that there will be another new warrior and location releasing along side the PlayStation 4 closed beta.

The new warrior joining Brawlhalla’s already robust roster of characters is Kitsune, a wise and powerful fox spirit who wields a hammer and a bow, and is also the first character with the ability to set traps. The new location to smash your foes in is The Colosseum, a roman influenced arena (didn’t really need to explain that did I!).

Brawhalla features a simple pick-up-and-play control scheme, but as with all competitive fighters requires a real depth in character knowledge to fully punish opponents through a flurry of combos. As previously mentioned the game features several game modes, both online and offline. You can challenge friends to 1v1 or 2v2 local multiplayer matches. If your feeling competitive then you can jump online for all out 8 player free-for-all action or challenge you skill in ranked matches.

So, how can you play Brawlhalla on PS4? Well, there is no confirmed release date for the game, but their is a closed beta starting in the beginning of May for PlayStation players. To get involved with he closed beta you can head over to Blue Mammoths Games site and sign up here. To see Brawlhalla in action then check out the gameplay trailer below.