Fighting platformer Okinawa Rush is looking for your support

What do you get if you cross Street Fighter with a platformer?

Are some of your fondest gaming memories based around 90’s fighting games like Street fighter 2 and Mortal Combat? Maybe you preferred the hardcore platformers from the 80’s? Well, independent developers, Sokaikan have fused the two together to create Okinawa Rush, a slick and intense side scrolling beat’em up you should definitely check out.

Don’t be fooled by the brawn of Okinawa Rush – the game boasts a story and fully fleshed out combat. A ruthless army of ninjas known as the ‘Black Mantis” have found their way to Okinawa, and have the intention of killing anyone who stands in their way of power, but they may have gone one step too far. Hiro Yashima possesses the legendary training scroll, a scroll that has allowed him to acquire supernatural elements to his martial arts, this is the same scroll the brutal ninja clan is desperately searching for. Hiro returns home one night to find his children missing and his wife slaughtered, and thus begins his journey of revenge against the ninja clan who are going to wish they never stepped a foot inside his house.

The story of Okinawa Rush feels like something straight out an 80’s action movie – and there is nothing wrong with that! To help bolster the story is the in-depth combat system, which is almost like a retro 1v1 fighting game in its own right. The unique part of Okinawa Rush’s gameplay is the ‘parry anything’ mechanic, which literally allows you to parry anything. Someone throws a projectile at you, parry it; a trap is in your way, parry it; huge boss attacks, parry them – with the right timing any attack against you can be parried.

The defensive parry mechanic is there just to keep you safe, in fact, you can turn it into your ultimate weapon. Successfully timing you parries will help build your rage meter, which, when full can be used to unleash the brutal ‘Kia Stomp’ – destroying everything around you, including the environment.

Okinawa Rush will be starting its Kickstarter campaign on the 14th August, to find out more about the game or to back Okinawa Rush then follow this link. A playable demo of the game is available through the developer’s website, which can be found here. To see Okinawa Rush in action then check out the trailer below.

Okinawa Rush is just one game you can back on Kickstarter this month, to see what other games are available then check out our top 5 recommended Kickstarter games for August.

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