Explore the red planet in space-horror game Moons of Madness

A tense atmospheric adventure on Mars.

The horror genre is one that is growing more-and-more popular among indie developers, and has provided some brilliant scare over the recent years. Rock Pockets Games, a Norwegian independent developer have announced they will be adding to the horror game roster with their psychological space horror Moons of Madness.

Moons of Madness is a first-person horror adventure that explores the internal struggles of astronaut Shane Newehart, who is stationed on the technologically advanced Mars research station Trailblazer Alpha, the first of it kind.

The game looks to provide a gripping, narrative-driven psychological horror experience. Exploring the realistic recreation of the red planet, you will not only have to uncover the supernatural mysteries of the space station but delve deep into the hidden past of Shane Newehart and the secrets behind the sinister moons of madness.

Moons of Madness is a Lovecraft-inspired, first person, psychological horror game that explores the internal struggles of astronaut Shane Newehart and the supernatural events that occur on research station Trailblazer Alpha, one of the first scientific outposts on Mars.