EGX / 5 games we can’t wait to play!

The Rezzed Zone is the place to be!

The Razzed Zone looks to offer some of the most original gaming experience on the EGX floor, here are 5 games we cannot wait to get our hands on.

88 Heros
Dev: Rising Star


88 Heroes is a bonkers and chaotic 2D platformer. You have 88 minutes to play through all 88 levels, oh and there’s 88 Heroes. You don’t get to choose your Heroes, instead upon death you respawn as one of the heroes, much like Broforce. Fuelled with a brilliant 80’s synthesiser soundtrack and bursting with humour, 88 Heroes looks to be a must for any retro gaming fan.



Dev: Angery Mob Games


Brawlout looks to bring tactical competitive fighting to our living rooms. Player can choose form 8 different fighter, something that stands in Brawlout is how your fighter grows with you. Each fighter starts with accessibly attacks, but as your skills enhance so do the abilities of your fighter, allowing you to choose different attacks and combos to suit your style. Brawlout is sure to make a brilliant multiplayer, with up to 8 players battling it out on the screen at the same time.



Dev: Furry Tail Dragon


M. is a Virtual Reality puzzler, set in a surreal and captivating world. Players are required to manipulate light and shadows to solve puzzles, all while immersed in an oddly familiar environment. Check out the reveal trailer below.


The Little Acre

Dev: Pewter Games


The Little Arce is a nostalgic point & Click adventure. With beautiful artwork and a story that will make you feel like your 6-year old watching classic Disney it looks a must play. As you venture through this magical world you’ll meet interesting characters, who look to be animated to perfection.


Troll And I
Dev: Maximum Games


Troll and I is a third-person action adventure game. You play as Otto, a adolescent boy and his quirky companion Troll, who – is a troll. With both characters possessing different talents, switching between Trolls mighty strength and Otto’s sharpen combat skills is vital to progress through the warming friendship story.

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