Gear.Club Unlimited is the first real racer coming to Nintendo Switch

Indie developers bringing AAA quality racing to the switch

Eden games as a developer are legends in the racing scene, delivering huge classics like V-rally and the Test Drive Unlimited series, so hearing that they’re gearing up to release a new game for the switch is big news. Gear.Club Unlimited is scheduled for release in the last quarter of this year only on Nintendo Switch.

(Image from mobile game)

Gear.Club Unlimited will be full of high end, branded cars for players to get behind the virtual wheel of, and have the ability to fully customise vehicles to better suit everyone’s personal racing needs, ranging from simple body work to tweaking the engine to your pleasure. The game will obviously feature adrenaline pumping races with championships to win and lap times to set, there will be plenty for you and your friends to be getting on with.

If you’d like to keep up with news on Gear.Club Unlimited check out the #GearClubUnlimited community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alternatively, visit or check out the publisher’s youtube page.