Earth’s Dawn: Relentless manga style sci-fi action

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths


If the idea of a 2D side scroller with thoughtful brawler-like combat and deep RPG elements excites you, then keep an eye out for Earth’s Dawn as storms onto your consoles on the 1st November. Japanese indie developer Oneoreight and Rising Star Games have wonderfully mixed these iconic gaming genres with a manga art style, bringing relentless and fast-paced sci-fi action in its beautifully hand-drawn wake.


Earth’s fate is looming in the hands of super-human solider group A.N.T.I. You take control of an elite should infused with alien technology; using this technology in unison with your soldier skill set is Earths last chance against the alien invasion known as E.B.E. With over 100 levels (all of which offer a different path to success) and fast-paced sci-fi action Earth’s Dawn looks to really pack a punch.


We were lucky enough to play Earth’s Dawn at EGX earlier this year, and loved playing through the 2 level demo. Although the game carry’s a pick-up-and-play element, it was clear to see that there’s a lot more depth to come in the full release. The variety of enemies was vast, some requiring a different approach to bring down. The full release also offers character customisation, combining this with the deep skill trees and character building Earth’s Dawn teeters on being a fully fledge RPG.


Earths Dawn releases on November 1st and is coming to PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. If this manga inspired brawler has excited you check out the trailer below.


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