DreamBreak is a Soviet cyberpunk adventure coming to PS4 and Xbox One

A cyberpunk USSR to explore

Almost every time we hear the term ‘cyberpunk’, it’s so often in relation to strict sci-fi game, but DreamBreak takes the cyberpunk aesthetic and mixes it in with a unique Soviet USSR setting. Embracing its post-Cold War period, the game has you playing as Eugene, an ordinary everyday man who has been spontaneously caught up in a corrupt world of murder, conspiracy and over-ego lethal robots.

Dream Break plays out in an authoritarian state that has been polluted with brainwashing propaganda. The seamless integration of noir tech and Russian inspired landscape bring a unique feel tot he game. You’ll need to control Eugene through the stunning pixelated backdrops, drawing on your best platforming skills and puzzle solving logic to untie every knot of this twisted story.

The gameplay of DreamBreak is both Relentless and brutal, with you often being chased down by a police force who firmly believe in ‘shoot first, question later’.It’s these tense face-offs with the corrupt officials that provide the action – combine these shoot outs with the ability to use hover bikes as a getaway and we’ve got most the ingredients for some classic cinematic platforming fun.

DreamBreak is currently available on PC, but developers Beatshapers and publishers Digerati Distribution have announced the game will be making its console debut this month, pretty soon actually. PS4 players can get their hands on it as of the 12th September for $9.99. Xbox players will have to wait until the 15th September, but if you pre-order now you’ll get 20% off the full $9.99 price, not bad for what looks to be an intriguing pixel cyberpunk adventure.

To see DreamBreak in action then check out the console release trailer below.

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