Dead Alliance is getting an open beta

Open beta coming 27th July

In the wake of E3, publishers Maximum Games have announced there will be a free open beta weekend for the upcoming tactical zombie FPS, Dead Alliance. The open beta will run from July 27th -31st on PS4, Xbox One and PC, offering players the chance to try the unique zombie-weaponising gameplay over three multiplayer maps and a variety of game modes.

Dead Alliance was originally announced earlier this year, developers Psyop Games and IllFonic looks to bring an original take to the tactical team FPS genre with the addition of Zombies. Players will be able to acquire zMods throughout the map, which can be used to turn flesh hungry zombies into vital team allies.

Crossbow, Crossbow, everybody loves a crossbow!

Maximum Games also released a new trailer at E3 (below), which dives deeper into the post-apocalyptic setting of Dead Alliance and the different military factions fighting for survival in the zombie plagued world. The trailer also showed off a new MOBA-influenced mode called ‘Attrition’, where players must work their way through zombie-infested jungles and lanes to destroy the opponents camp.

Dead Alliance is set to release on the 29th August, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC’s. To see Dead Alliance in action then check out the E3 trailer below.

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